What Is The Operating System ?

What Is The Operating System,what is operating system,what is os,

Many of us use mobile phones, computers, laptops.Even after using these devices, some people do not know what is the operating system?Those who do not really know what the operating system?Our today’s article for them.

What is the operating system?To know this, we first try to understand the meaning of the two words.Operate means to manage and system means method.So by operating system we mean operating a system.Simply put, it is a computer program through which the computer is turn on.Not only that, the computer hardware works according to its instructions.

Operating system work: It is also know as system software.Then you can understand the full functionality of the computer on the operating system.Because without this program software, the computer will be like a brick later.This operating system can be further Divide into 4 parts.Such as: 1 process management, 2 memory management, storage management, 4 security management.

Process Management:

The processor is basically a serial device.This allows the processor to perform multiple tasks at the same time.The processor starts processing the computer as soon as it receives the command.The function of the operating systems here is to inform the processor of the commands give to the computer.

Memory Management:

When the computer is running, the files on the hard drive are load into RAM.The job of the operating system here is to determine how much space it takes up in a process.

Storage management: The operating system determines how much space a file takes up on a hard drive.Storage management regulatory operating system.Security Management: The computer controls the operating system so that one task does not interfere with another.That’s why we can do more than one thing at a time on the computer at the same time.This does not hinder any work for other work.

Name some operating systems: Windows,Ubuntu,xp,windows 7,windows 8,windows 10,linux,windows 98

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