What Is HTML & How To Work It?

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HTML is a language. Markup is done through this language. That is, the structure of something is marked. The full form of HTML is Hyper text Markup Language.This language has been released in different versions. The journey of HTML started in 1991. It lasted till 1993. After that, HTML 2.0 came in 1993. Thus, the version of HTML is released gradually, i.e. updates keep coming. Great markup can be done day by day.

The benefits of HTML are given below:

  1. Easy To Use.
  2. Loads in any browser without hassle.
  3. Pages created by it can load effortlessly.
  4. Excellent pages can be easily designed with HTML.
  5. It is currently taught in various schools and colleges.
  6. And it can be learned for free.

The Hassle OF html are given below:

  1. Also, the security system of HTML is light type. That means there is a possibility of being hacked.
  2. If you want to create a website with more code, you have to get in trouble.
  3. It takes a little time to load if you create a large page because you have to write extra code.
  4. While static web pages can be created with this language, no dynamic pages can be created.

Ways to recognize HTML tags and syntax:

The tag is used as a symbol. These tags sit inside the angle bracket. In fact, the HTML file is created with the help of some tags and attributes. The tag specifies the markup so that it works correctly. Let’s say you want to thicken a text.So you have to think, what is the sign of Bold? Well, the sign of Bold is <> this. That is a tag. But each step has two tags. If you want to make a text bold, you have to take the tag first <> and write the text you want to make bold. When you have finished writing, you have to use the finishing tag </> .

Rules for using HTML tags:

  1. The correct spelling is to use any tag in the markup language.
  2. When placing tags, you have to put <> in this mark or it will not work.
  3. Since the tag starts with <> it must end with this. The finishing tag is </> this sign.
  4. Let me give you an example like start tag <html> and end left finishing tag </html>

HTML is a language. It is marked by this language. It means what the structure of something will be marked. The full form of HTML is Hyper text Markup Language. This language has been released in different versions. The journey of HTML started in 1991. Until the year. After that HTML 2.0 came in 1993. In this way, the version of HTML is released periodically. In other words, updates keep coming.

There are some more important steps in HTML that we will try to learn in the alternative article.But let me tell you what we are going to learn in the next post. We will learn what are the parts of markup language? What are its attributes? What are the elements of markup? We will know all these things from any next article.

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