What is a router?

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Sending data from one network to another is basically called routing. A tool or hardware is used to do this routing. That hardware is basically called a router. Hubs and switches combine multiple computers to form a network. Those devices are connected one after the other. The scope of the network is increased using the router.

How does a router usually work?

Most of us know the router because its use is increasing day by day. Because the price of MB is higher than the WiFi line. Most people use WiFi for this purpose. And this WiFi signal is converted into a network and a router is used to connect to a mobile or laptop.

It also provides a user interface. It can be seen how many devices are running under the router. As a result, if we want to cut the line of someone’s device, it can be done by blocking his IP. We can control our users as we wish. There are many more advantages of a router. For example, the network signal of the router goes far and wide. As a result, we can use the service of the router from a certain distance without using any wires. The router has one, two, three, or four antennas.

Gateway: A router can only successfully connect to networks with all the protocols working on the same system. And if the protocols are different, a device stronger than the router is needed. And the name of that device is Gateway. Gateway is the Gateway to the Internet. Gateway exchanges the Internet between different protocols. The Gateway can be divided into different ways based on the work. For example, address, application, protocol. However, these are more expensive than routers or hubs.

What is a network switch?

It is a multi-port computer network device. The switch helps to transmit information. The network switch looks a bit like a hub from the outside. But it exchanges data differently. Send the signal to the target computer. And the hub is to send the signal to the devices of all the ports with it.

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