What is a root ? What happens when the phone is rooted?

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Most people in the world use smart phones.These smart phone users often hear the word root through various means.Facebook, websites, YouTube and all kinds of forums discuss the word root.Even if you search in the Play Store, you will see some apps that say the phone cannot be used without root.It is also seen in various articles that if you root the phone, you will get the highest performance of the phone.Due to this many people are desperate to root the phone. Many also notice that the phone has the same performance even after rooting.Going to root the phone again, many phones have been damaged. However, today we will get the right idea about the route.

What is a root ?

Basically the word root means hunting.Although here the meaning of hunting is somewhat lost.Root is a process by which the owner of the phone gets permission for all the features of his phone.Usually phone companies restrict some features.So that the phone user cannot damage the phone by clicking backwards.You will notice that many apps on the phone can not be uninstalled.Therefore, this software is very useful for the phone.Missing one can be a problem with any one of your phone sites.So every phone company locks the system file. Basically, unlocking this lock is to root.

You can become the administrator of the phone by rooting the phone.This means that after rooting the phone, you can change everything starting from the phone’s system file.You can delete as you wish. That means you will be in complete control of your phone.By rooting the phone, you can remove the unnecessary software of your phone and make the phone fast.You can also use the full root support power full app.This will make your phone perform better than usual.

The benefits of rooting:

  • If you root, you can be the administrator of the phone. That means you can control the phone completely.
  • You can increase the RAM space by deleting unnecessary system apps. As a result, the speed of the phone will increase.
  • Root support can use powerful app.
  • Get the highest performance of the phone.
  • You can run whatever you want.

Disadvantages of rooting:

  • The warranty will be suspended if the new phone.
  • If you delete important system files without knowing it, the phone will be bricked.
  • Failure to root properly will result in loss of the phone’s flash file or loss of the phone.
  • Cannot update phone system files.

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