How to stop facebook auto play videos ?

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There are very few people in the world who do not have a Facebook account.Then you can understand how popular Facebook is in the present age and we need it.Facebook is use to communicate with people in personal, business and different countries.Not only that, Facebook is one of the means to spend the present time.Who wouldn’t mind if any timeline video was played without permission while using that Facebook?Of course, things will get worse. Suppose you are browsing Facebook in such a place.Making a sound there means being insulted.So all of a sudden while browsing Facebook, the timeline video was reluctantly played?Isn’t that a shame? Of course it’s a shame.Because it’s hard to understand what kind of video people on our friend list and the pages of big companies upload.So playing auto video on Facebook is annoying and embarrassing.that is why how to turn off auto videos play on Facebook?

Today we will learn how to turn off auto video play on Facebook:

First login to your Facebook account with the help of Facebook official app. Right click on the nav bar of the site.

Scroll down a bit. Now click on Settings and Privacy Options.

Click on the settings option as shown below.

Now scroll straight down to the bottom. After going down a bit, click on the Media and Contacts option.

Look at the bottom there is an option call Autoplay. Click on the autoplay option.

To turn off Auto Video Play, click on the Never Autoplay Videos option and select.Now you can scroll your Facebook timeline as you wish.Auto video will never play again.However, remember that if you clean the data of the Facebook app for any reason.Or if you uninstall the Facebook app, you must turn off these settings again.Otherwise the auto video will continue to play.For this, try reading the post carefully.And keep in mind that if you do, Facebook video will start playing auto again.Stay away from those things.


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