How To Recover Facebook delete Post ?

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Dear Visitors We know Facebook is a social media.Its popularity is skyrocketing.Can’t find anyone who isn’t familiar with Facebook.Its popularity is increasing day by day.People share their personal life, social life, political life and family life on Facebook.Not only that. Different businessmen are expanding their business on Facebook.By doing this, online base businesses are improving day by day.Also online is the only way to conduct business around the world in the fastest time possible.That’s why everyone is using Facebook as a life partner.While doing all these things on Facebook, many of our articles can be delete due to mistake.If we forget to delete our article, we will be able to return it within 30 days.How to recover facebook delete post.That’s what we should know.

Below is how to bring back the deleted pos:

First of all login your facebook account on any browser.Go to profile settings.I entered Facebook with laptop. If you do not have laptop left computer. Log in to Chrome browser of the phone. Now enable desktop version of Chrome browser.Now login to your Facebook account in Chrome browser. After logging in, login to your profile.lets start our article how to recover facebook delete post.

You will see a threaded menu like the image below.Click on the menu.

Now click on the Activity Log option as shown below.

Now there will be several options on the left site. Click on the Trash option to bring back your deleted post.

Now your deleted posts can be seen on the left site.Mark the posts you want to recover.Using a mobile phone, you can easily mark and recover posts.Because you can’t mark PC with left laptop.So what if you want to recover deleted Facebook posts with PC left laptop?Then you want to recover the post like the picture below. Place the mouse cursor on the right side of the post. Threaded menu will come out. If you click on it, you will get some options.Click Restore to Profile from here.Hopefully your desired post has been recovered and returned to your profile.

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