Advantages and uses of Hosting

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We know that there are two main types of hosting. Web hosting and Linux hosting. They have also been categorized into different categories for different benefits. One type of hosting works great for each job. Divided into different types of categories. For example: Collected, Dedicated, Share, Free, Unmanaged, Managed etc. Divided into categories.

Below is a description of the categories:

1 / Shared Hosting: This is a very popular hosting. Many people all over the world use this hosting company. It has many client sites together. However, the shared host has very little brandwidth. It also has less database.

2 / Free Hosting: It is also called free hosting. It is usually available for free. Different learners use it for practice. Also, many teachers and students use it for different purposes. However, it has the lowest bandwidth.

3 / Dedicated Hosting: It is better to say at the beginning that this hosting has a lot of price. Not everyone can use it as it is more expensive. It is run with dedicated server. It has all kinds of benefits. This hosting can be divided into two parts. For example: Manage. Hosting Unmanaged hosting.

Managed Hosting: This hosting company that manages the left person can manage it completely. Therefore, its price can be said to be very expensive. Since the management has the ability to manage everything, it will cost a little more.

Unmanaged Hosting: Here the owner of the website is responsible for all the management. Therefore, the cost is a bit less.

Collected Hosting: This hosting only provides email services. Mail is created with the help of this hosting to match your domain.

These hostings are categorized so that the company can benefit from the purchase of hosting by an individual based on the benefits.Because each hosting gives great results in different types of work. Therefore, it is available in the hosting category.

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